Free to Be

Free To Be provides support to 25 children in Kolkata many of whom come from severely disadvantaged families. Through providing vulnerable children with education and other support services, Free To Be aims to reduce poverty and protect children from vulnerabilities such as child labor, child marriage, and child abuse and exploitation. Free To Be works to address root causes of these vulnerabilities, such as economic constraints at a family and community level, a lack of access to education, limited food security, and gender inequalities.

Dorcus House

Dorcus House cares for the widows and orphans in one of the largest slums in Kolkata. Founded by faith, Cornelia tirelessly shepherds and pastors 80 women who have little to no resources or support. Whether it's milk for the preschool she began, daily food rations for the widows, literacy material or sewing supplies for vocational training, a little goes a long way in India. Cornelia and Dorcas House will make the most of each and every donation as they serve the poorest of the poor.

Alpha Mission School

Alpha Mission School is our Ministry Partner in East India. Jenny has founded and directs the school, a Bible-based, English language school currently educating 190 children. Both orphaned at young ages, Jenny and her husband Home have a special heart for those children without families or those trapped in cycles of poverty within the tea gardens. They believe education is the key to open minds and open hearts, making a way for the gospel. They are raising their own children as well as several orphans they have taken in. They are truly living the gospel of grace!






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