INDIA: Widow & Orphan Care & Education

India's child brides are often widowed at a young age. Alone and with many mouths to feed, these young women and their children end up in the slums of Kolkata, largely forgotten and at-risk for malnutrition, abuse, and trafficking. The need for education is huge, but so are the dividend such an investment pays, especially for girls. Getting and keeping girls in school changes lives and sometimes it even saves them. 

THAILAND: Sex Trafficking

Thailand is a major hub for victims of the sex industry. Women and young girls are forcibly taken or lured with promises of economic opportunity in cities like Bangkok which is home to an estimated 200,000 sex workers. These young women are at risk of disease, abuse, drug dependency, and emotional trauma. Most believe sex work is the only way they can provide for their families. It is seen both as their duty and destiny. These girls are among the most exploited people on the face of the earth. 

SAN FRANCISCO: Homelessness & Strip Clubs

The Tenderloin neighborhood in inner-city San Francisco is home to drug addicts, refugees, prostitutes, immigrants, the poor, the homeless, and the hopeless. Stepping into this world for even just a moment in time will feel very uncomfortable and unsafe. This is how most of the people who live here, especially the women, feel every single day. Many who live here are trapped in circumstances that render them powerless to experience any real change in their lives. And it is the 10,000+ women in this neighborhood who suffer most. 

VENTURA: Homelessness & Substance Abuse Recovery

Nearly half of Ventura County's growing homeless population are women and some are mothers without the ability to provide shelter for their children. On the streets, many seek escape from domestic violence, struggle with addictions, and cope daily with trauma. Breaking cycles of addiction and homelessness and achieving sobriety and life recovery requires shelter, safety, and significant support. Without those things, cycles persist and lives continue in brokenness from generation to generation. 

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